Landeshauptstadt München


Museum Villa Stuck

An exhibition series by the Museum Villa Stuck
Stasi. Secret Rooms - Geheime Räume
18 May through 27 August 2006


In the exhibition series 0606 , the Museum Villa Stuck will present works from international contemporary artists of various generations from May 2006 to January 2007. In photography, works on video and installations, the artists will address locations and non-locations, shedding light on personal fate as well as on sociopolitical topics.

The venue for the exhibition series is the newly conceived Galerie 6 , located in the basement area below the museum foyer. This new space was created during the renovation of the museum and draws on the more than 60-year history of the so-called Ateliertrakt of the Villa Stuck as an exhibition space for modern and contemporary art. Its position between the historic Villa of Franz von Stuck and the modern Ateliertrakt, and at the same time between past and present, makes it the ideal space for projects dealing with locations and their history(s). In the past several years, contemporary positions have regularly been shown in the artist's villa of Franz von Stuck in exhibitions such as Dream City (1999), L.A.-Ex (2000), The Short Century (2001), HAUTNAH (2003) or Shanghai Modern (2004). This series takes its name from the six projects to be shown during the course of the year 2006, and also continuing into the coming year.

The series begins with two projects by the artists Daniel and Geo Fuchs. The project STASI. Secret Rooms - Geheime Räume will be shown in Galerie 6 , and TOYS in the former bedrooms of Franz von Stuck's villa.

In September, the series will continue with works by Jayce Salloum, and Hyon-Soo Kim and E. Byok-Song Woo. In the work Untitled , Jayce Salloum interviews Soha Bechara from Lebenon who, following an assassination, served a long prison sentence. The interview, which was recorded in Paris, fascinates in particular through the closeness and intimacy revealed between the two during the conversation. At the same time, video takes from the former Yugoslavia and from Palestine can be seen, in which personal as well as historic traces are left, created, and vanish again.

The Munich artists Hyon-Soo Kim and E. Byok-Song Woo use the artist's garden of the Villa Stuck for their work Lotus Blossom ( Lotusblüte) . The installation, with an over-sized lotus blossom in the centre of the garden, is a space for the ritual of the 108 bows which, according to Buddhist teaching, stands for the 108 passions and torments.

In October 2006, exhibitions by the artists Maxim Boronilov and Roman Maskalev from Kyrgyzstan are planned, as well as with the artist Gülsün Karamustafa, who in the exhibition Dream City has already presented a project in the public space in Munich for the Villa Stuck. For the series 0606 , she is presenting a work on the Taksim Square, the main square of Istanbul and symbol of the city 's modernity since the 1930s.

A project of the Museum Villa Stuck
Curators: Jo-Anne Birnie Danzker and Michael Buhrs
Catalogue: In autumn of 2006, a publication on the projects exhibited in the series 0606 will be available – published by the Museum Villa Stuck.