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Museum Villa Stuck Museum Villa Stuck

27 October 2021 – March 2022


A hand held outside a car window makes a harmonica sound in the airstream. Nevin Aladağ holds the instrument like a camera, but instead she is searching for the sounds of the city and getting objects to create melodies seemingly of their own accord. In her carefully composed images, the rain plays a percussion instrument or water and sand play the drums. Sometimes she also has the sounding boxes undergo a transformation, like when a balloon is attached to a trumpet, or a bell to a rocking horse which rhythmically moves back and forth. This inevitably triggers associations which are as ironic in nature as they are poetic. Shifts of images in our heads are a recurring device in Aladağ’s works: what do a hammer and a stiletto heel have in common?

The Museum Villa Stuck presents Aladağ’s most comprehensive solo exhibition to date featuring a selection of installations, sculptures, textile pieces, video works and regularly presented performances. Ever since participating in the Venice Biennale and in documenta in Kassel and Athens in 2017, the artist has enjoyed wide international acclaim. For the first time, the exhibition in Munich shows newer and older works together with works created especially for the project. Aladağ stages a course through the different rooms of the Villa and, in doing so, allows connections to form which add up to an ingenious and always humorous “musical score”. The furniture instruments of her “Music Rooms”, for instance, quietly embed themselves in Stuck’s historical rooms. Following the principle of many of her works, the rhythm and sequence of acoustic and visual elements reveal elective affinities, thus extracting from the supposed cacophony an always surprising structure which leads an apotheotic finale with the 3-channel video installations Traces and Session.

Curated by Helena Pereña