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Museum Villa Stuck Museum Villa Stuck

12 April – 15 June 2014

gute aussichten. new german photography 2013/2014

The project entitled »gute aussichten – junge deutsche fotografie« (gute aussichten – new german photography) was inaugurated in 2004 to promote young-and-upcoming talents. It centres on an annual competition for final thesis projects from all German universities and academies offering a study course in photography. A notable jury selects the award-winners from among the portfolios entered. Their works are introduced to a wider public by means of extensive exhibitions, an accompanying catalogue and other media. According to the weekly magazine DER SPIEGEL, gute aussichten is »Germany’s most prestigious competition for recent photography« and is gradually becoming a »permanent representation for young talents in that field«.

gute aussichten. new german photography, Museum Villa Stuck, photography: Jann Averwerser

Precisely 100 works from 33 institutions were entered for the 2013/14 competition. The jury members were: Dr. Wibke von Bonin (Cologne), journalist and art historian; Verena Hein (Munich), curator and head of exhibitions at Museum Villa Stuck; Mario Lombardo, Art Director, Bureau Lombardo (Berlin); Josefine Raab (Neustadt/Weinstraße), art historian and founder of »gute aussichten«; Luminita Sabau (Frankfurt/Main), former director of the art collection of the DZ Bank; Hans-Christian Schink (Berlin), famous photographer, and Ingo Taubhorn, curator at House of Photography, Deichtorhallen (Hamburg).

The award-winners of gute aussichten – new german photography 2013/14 are Nadja Bournonville, Anna Domnick, Birte Kaufmann, Lioba Keuck, Alwin Lay, Marian Luft, Stephanie Steinkopf, Daniel Stubenvoll and Christina Werner.

Museum Villa Stuck who cooperates with gute aussichten for the first time in 2014 is bringing the exhibit to Munich, which enjoyed a great success over the past ten years in numerous presentations around Europe and abroad.

Josefine Raab, the founder of »gute aussichten – new german photography«, describes this year’s selection as follows: »On its tenth anniversary, gute aussichten displays a thematic, aesthetic and formal range that is of a calibre seldom offered so far by young German photographers – a spectrum of surprisingly varied ideas, considerations and photographic strategies, which serve not only as a reflection of the current status quo, but also as a source of inspiration. Yet in all this diversity, there is still a striking unifying aspect: the frustration of expectations, the failure to honour promises, the disregard for conventions, the non-occurrence of the foreseeable, the non-existence of the anticipated, running like a thread through all nine works. Hopes are dashed, physical laws overridden, media borders transgressed and seeing habits confused. Nothing is as it seems. And yet is as it is.«