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Museum Villa Stuck Museum Villa Stuck

26 October 2017 – 28 January 2018

Efrat Natan / Nahum Tevet

The Museum Villa Stuck is the first institution to show the works of artists Efrat Natan and Nahum Tevet side by side. Both began their careers in the early1970s and are to this day prominent figures in the Israeli art world. A lasting artistic friendship between the two first manifested itself in 1972 in a joint performance.

In sophisticated works they combine approaches of Conceptual Art with a novel, simple aesthetics of material. While Efrat Natan condenses biographical memories into a poetic language of images and forms, Nahum Tevet examines contents of modern art as well as of personal experiences involving the significance of space and everyday objects in sometimes vast works. The exhibition presents early works and documents of early joint actions along with more recent works.

Throughout her oeuvre, Efrat Natan (born in1947 in Kibbutz Kfar Ruppin, lives and works in Tel Aviv) reflects on her childhood in a kibbutz. The experience of growing up in a community in which collective property and equality are taught and lived is translated by her into condensed signs symbolising particular experiences and values. Natan’s pair of works from 1995 titled An Undershirt in the Window in Memory of My Father and An Undershirt in the Window in Memory of Myself each show an undershirt behind a fly screen. Due to size and reversed hanging it becomes a poetic symbol of the father-daughter relationship and a profound portrait of a bygone self. Natan often appropriates materials through strong physicality; she twists, rips, and tears at fabrics until they have become unrecognisable. Her works are characterised by an elemental, almost archetypal language of forms that has a poetically conceptual and emotional quality to it.

Wondering about the role and function of painting in a given place is the starting point for the ongoing artistic project of Nahum Tevet (born in 1946 in Kibbutz Messilot, lives and works in Tel Aviv). His work continues the tradition of Conceptual and Minimal Art. Tevet uses plain everyday materials and objects to question the boundary between art and real life. In the 1970s these concerns found expression in his Works on Glass (1972–75). The glass of the frame which is supposed to protect the art object is turned into the object of viewing — a radical gesture that betrays the influence of Marcel Duchamp and Robert Rauschenberg. In his major work Seven Walks (1997–2004), colour (painting) and form (sculpture) combine with architecture to form a whole that is activated by the viewer and, in the process, also questions the position of the viewer in space in a metaphorical sense.

As diverse in aesthetic appearance the works of the two artists are, one always finds a formal correspondence, as both Natan and Tevet incorporate elements and materials of everyday life. Natan’s personal mythologies and Tevet’s explorations of the way individuals relate to the space surrounding them open up the reflection to include questions about social values.

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